The fully integrated system arts & culture organizations deserve

UpStage brings together everything that’s required to build a successful arts and culture organization.

Our cloud platform solution unites your website, CRM, ticketing, fundraising, email communications, and a full range of digital commerce and customer service to provide a platform that is far more than the sum of its parts.

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Unified Platform

Everything you need in one digital home

Our goal is simple: improve constituent relationships to grow your revenue. UpStage helps arts and culture orgs stay connected to patrons, streamline processes, and improve profitability using a modern applications that bring all your mission critical needs together in a single platform.

This new generation of arts and culture CRM makes it easier than ever for your team members to create a finely tuned view on how to go about keeping patrons happy by bringing together all their information, interactions, and connections in a single system.

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Designed For Everyone

A technology-first approach for teams to work as one from anywhere

And when your teams can work effectively from anywhere, you can keep your patrons happy everywhere. Our user-friendly and intuitive platform is designed so arts and culture orgs of every size, from micro to macro budget, can benefit from unlimited training and support.

New users hit the ground running, gently, while veteran users benefit from a mentorship style learning relationship that helps arts managers unlock their potential when free from the restrictions of older, legacy solutions.

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Why UpStage

Our users need the best tools and a provider that will have their backs

That’s why they choose us.

No other provider brings ticketing, CRM, fundraising, and website together in a single platform. Built from the ground up using Amazon Web Service (AWS) DynamoDB, UpStage delivers far more than you can get from traditional ticketing CRMs built on older technologies.

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You won’t waste any of your precious time explaining to someone who doesn’t know ballet from Brahms why you need something to work a certain way.

Easy to use

We embrace plain language descriptions and our unlimited training and support mean you spend less time asking “how do I do this” and more time getting things done.

Lower cost

No need to pay a web developer to integrate our system because we are the web developer! Everything already works together saving you big $ on your budget.

Frustration free

You don’t have to worry about getting caught in the middle when providers point fingers at each other over problems. You work with us and we solve your problems.