Ask. Answer. Succeed. Imagine never hearing “read the instructions” in response to your help requests. And show of hands: who hates ticket based support that takes forever to reply?

Then you’re going to love our unlimited training and customized instructions for each and every support inquiry.

All The Options

Unmatched Stability + The Support You Deserve!

We measure response times in minutes, not days.

Once you experience it first hand, you’ll wonder why no one else does it this way. In fact, our service and support is what our users mention the most when talking about what they love most.

You’ll enjoy working with a dedicated representative who works with you every step of the design and launch process. They will continue to serve as your dedicated account and support representative.

All support happens in a dedicated Basecamp account just for your organization where we conduct all support and training communication.

Tailor Made Solutions

Tired of hearing “read the instructions” or “watch this video” in response to your help requests? Then you’re going to love UpStage because we create customized instructions for each and every support inquiry. That’s not a typo, we tailor each solution to the respective question.

Step By Step Instructions

Responses include visual aides with step by step instructions on what to do at each step. We even use the respective admin panel from your site to create visual aids so your frame of reference is precisely what you need to not only solve your problem but build on your overall UpStage skill sets.

Your Time Is Valuable

The Five Minute Rule

Our mantra is “if it takes more than five minutes to figure out, just ask” and we mean it.