When it comes to the critical features you need, UpStage checks all the boxes.
Sell tickets, donations, subscriptions, memberships, and more.

Explore what makes our cloud platform solution unite your website, CRM, ticketing, fundraising, marketing, and a full range of digital commerce and customer service to provide a platform that is far more than the sum of its parts.

Event Ticketing

Click. Buy. Done. With Upstage, ticket buying is made simple, fast, and patron-centered. UpStage is the first platform designed from the ground up to handle reserved seating and general admission ticketing for in-person, virtual, streaming, and hybrid events; all from a mobile-first design platform.

Reserved Seating

General Admission

Daily & Timed Entry


Click. Subscribe. Done. UpStage can manage fixed or flexible, one-off or renewable, and everything in between. It doesn't matter if you call them subscriptions, ticket packages, bundles, or combo packs, UpStage can handle it. And for your core subscribers, we offer powerful roll-over seat functionality.


Choose Your Own

Flex Packages


Click. Join. Done. Increase engagement, boost revenue, and offer benefits patrons want. Power your membership functionality with automated access control to content/products and member discounts. An innovative membership product wizard makes it easy to set up one-off or recurring billing schemes.

Singe And Groups

Recurring And Fixed Term

Individual Or Bundled Benefits


Click. Donate. Done. UpStage provides unrivaled functionality for creating fast and mobile friendly single and recurring giving options. Let donors choose recurring intervals that work best for them instead of being forced into old-school giving frequencies.

Single Donations

Recurring Donations

Patron Defined Giving Schedules

Digital Tickets

Scan. Redeem. Enjoy. As a digital first ticketing platform, we've designed a simple experience for patrons from all demographics to manage and use their tickets however works best for them. Everything is accessible in their app or they can print from home or use the version sent via email. If needed, we can connect your BOCA or receipt printer.

QR Code & App Based

Email Delivery

Print At Home

Patron Portal

Register. Verify. Control. Personalizing the patron experience is a key element of creating long term relationships. Patrons are used to account experiences from Amazon, Google, and Apple so why would you provide them with something that doesn’t meet those same standards? UpStage provides an unparrelled user experience that makes patrons happy to come back.

Mobile First

Account Control

Ticket Access and Cross Selling

User Registration

Click. Secure. Private. UpStage allows patrons to engage with your organization in a way they find most comfortable and respects their privacy, all while providing a quick and easy way to create an account. And it doesn't matter if they create an account or not, you'll still be able to track that data and we can even connect past orders made as a guest whenever the patron decides to create an account.

Guest Purchasing

Optional Required Reservation

Account Creation Connects Past Orders

Automatic Benefits

Click. Buy. Reward. Everyone loves it when they get a discount, the feeling that you've got something for nothing is a powerful tool, and UpStage provides so many great ways to reward your patrons with benefits that inspire engagement. Easily create a wide array of automated benefits structures that patrons can begin using immediately after purchasing an associated product.

Product & Transaction Based

Detailed Usage Tracking & Reporting

Easy To Create & Easy To Use

Email Communications

Segment. Sync. Engage. We're all about making as easy as possible to send the right message to the right segments at the right time. Powerful transactional messaging and MailChimp sync will make you more efficient and effective than ever.

Direct MailChimp Integration

Customizable Transaction Messages

Intuitive Segmentation Tools

Business Intelligence

Report. Research. Action. UpStage provides the tools you need to analyze current and historical data, with the objective of improving strategic decision-making and providing a competitive advantage. There's no need to hire dedicated database managers to find your data, our reporting and dashboard tools are designed to be used in real-world operating environments.

Simple Report Creation

Powerful Data Visualization

Save, Export, Print, and Share Reports

Front Of House Joy

Click. Sell. Redeem. Box Office managers will enjoy cutting edge tools to get patrons through lines fast all while keeping an eye on real time event detail they need to make critical decisions. You can use any mobile device with a camera to scan tickets, the process is so fast, easy, and reliable volunteers or trained staff can use them with only minutes of training.

Powerful, Dedicated Box Office App

Lightning Fast Ticket Scanning

Stripe Powered Gateways


Click. Create. Sell. Experience the ease, security, and reliability of working with UpStage CRM. All you have to do is log in to access everything you need to create, publish, and manage.


User Management

Product Management


Sync. Sell. Engage. No need to pay a web developer to integrate our system because we are the web developer! Everything already works together saving you big $ on your budget.

Award Winning Designs

CRM Event Sync

Beautiful On All Devices

Virtual & Streaming Events

Click. Diversify. Engage. Easy to use. Stunning to experience. UpStage provides unmatched flexibility and ease when offering virtual events. UpStage makes expanding your mission reach while diversifying your revenue streams simple.

Live Streaming

Video On-Demand

Hybrid Events


Ask. Answer. Succeed. Imagine never hearing “read the instructions” in response to your help requests. And show of hands: who hates ticket based support that takes forever to reply? Then you’re going to love our unlimited training and customized instructions for each and every support inquiry.

Tailor Made Solutions

Step By Step Instructions

Zoom Tutorials