Patron Portal

Personalizing the patron experience is a key element of creating long term relationships. UpStage provides an unparalleled user experience that provides patrons with the information they need in a mobile first design.

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Patron Portal

Give Patrons An Experience That Brings Them Back

Your patron portal is a place where you directly interact with your patrons; as such, it offers one of the best points of contact for better communication and stronger engagement.

Patrons are used to account experiences from Amazon, Google, and Apple so why would you provide them with something that doesn’t meet those same standards? Currently, most Ticketing CRMs are about helping you manage data and maximize revenue, but they fall far short of matching the user experience patrons are accustomed to elsewhere.

A critical part of UpStage’s user testing included designing a patron portal that was so user friendly and helpful, it would motivate patrons to create accounts. Using a mobile first design, we created a user interface that hands power and control to the patron. We identified way to enhance customer support efforts to make it easier for organizations with limited human resources to offer an outstanding patron experience.

Data Joy

Patrons are greeted with the most accessed and time sensitive information every time they log in. Alongside featured events and products you set up, they’ll interact with current membership status, digital tickets to upcoming events, recurring giving status, and recent orders.

Ticket Access

Patrons can access all their upcoming digital tickets for both single event and ticket package purchases. They can also see a complete history of every event ticket they’ve purchased since creating an account. They can easily initiate cancellations and exchange requests right from the ticket card and invite friends to use virtual event passes.

Cross Sell

You’ll enjoy using the featured product builder, which allows you to place high priority events and products on the patron’s account landing screen. We can even work with you to leverage custom programming that analyzes their transaction history to identify and automate which events and products they see.

Account Management

Patrons will enjoy complete control over every aspect of their account and ongoing engagement. They can manage the billing details for recurring donations, initiate customer service and support requests, explore their order history, and update their account and billing information.

Integrated Single Sign-On Functionality

In addition to direct account creation, UpStage provides several default options for using single sign-on, or SSO. This allows patrons to securely sign-up, sign-in, and access control to their account and tickets quickly and easily using their Google, Facebook, or Amazon account.

This small, but critical, component is something often overlooked by other Ticketing CRM providers, but it delivers the convenience, transparency, speed, and security patrons are accustomed to at other mainstream websites.

Better still, it increases sign-up rates because the account creation process for patrons is faster and easier than a traditional direct account process. And not only does the organization get 100% of the user compared to direct sign-ups, but there’s also the potential for tapping into more information from the respective social platform provider.

If desired, we can connect to any number of social platforms beyond those included with default functionality for a minimal amount of custom programming.