Our users need the best tools and a provider that will have their backs.

That’s why they choose us.

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Our Mission

UpStage Technologies is a company that builds cutting edge CRM, ticketing, and website software designed especially for arts and culture organizations.

Designed from the ground up as a fully managed, serverless cloud platform solution, our software is designed to be used by organizations of any budget size. Our mission is nothing less than disrupting the arts and culture sector to change consumer behavior, expand revenue streams, and transform lives for good.

Our core values.

What brings us together, guides us forward.

Our core values guide everything we do as a company and as people. We strive to bring out the best in one another, deliver success to our customers, and inspire the entire industry through our actions.

Customer Success

We’re only as good as our users’ success stories.

As such, we design features and functionality to help them reach previously unimaginable goals. The field shouldn’t be paying the price of technology debt driven software designed to replicate outdated practices.


User input sparks innovation.

We have a responsibility to help users confirm what works and provide options that keep them at the forefront of the technology curve. The result is a steady stream of updates that give our users a competitive advantage.


We’re only as good as our last show.

We know that healthy long-term relationships are built on transparency, compliance, confidentiality, and performance. Our users trust us to deliver, and we trust them to keep us accountable.


Development isn’t driven by budget size.

We believe all our users should be heard, valued, and empowered. Hearing all perspectives ignites innovation and expands connections. It not only makes us a better company, but it also creates a better arts and culture sector.

Our Team

Meet the people building the ticketing CRM arts organizations have been waiting for.

Do We Look Familiar?

While UpStage entered the market in 2021, we’ve been in business since 2010 operating as, an award winning web developer specializing in the Arts & Culture Sector. While we continue to function in that capacity, we’ve grown to include UpStage CRM and, in the process, changed our business name to UpStage Technologies.

We still operate as a dedicated web developer but expanded our expertise to change the status quo in the Ticketing CRM sector. We don’t settle and are here to stay. Join the growing list of Arts & Culture organizations who are making the switch!

An Established Leader Expanding Our Reach

We’ve always been a remote-first company and are on the look out for great talent who want to be a part of something that will revolutionize an entire industry. If you’re interested in an environment that cultivates leaders with hands-on technical abilities and prefer to work with others who listen to understand and aren’t just waiting to reply, keep an eye on openings or reach out with your resume.