UpStage provides a fully managed, hosted platform without long term contracts or complex licensing.

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Fee Overview

When in doubt, keep things simple. We took that to heart when creating our pricing, which can be broken down into these straightforward components:

1) A Flat-Fee Annual License

UpStage operates on an annual license flat-fee structure that provides year-round support, updates, and maintenance for every aspect of our service. It’s the only hosted, managed service that delivers a truly unified platform designed for the arts and culture sector. The amount scales based on annual earned income but there are never any overage fees if you go over your pricing tier. The fee also includes all initial data migration costs.

2) Optional One Time Only Fees

Depending on the nature of the work, we can provide a firm flat-fee quote or provide an estimate for total time to complete the project and invoice via an hourly rate structure. Here are the most common areas where users encounter a need for this type of work:

  • Custom Design: Out of the box, UpStage looks fabulous and works like a dream. All of your branding elements will be implemented free of charge, but you can turn things up to 11 by going with a truly bespoke design.
  • Custom Programming: Whether it’s a distinctive feature, custom functionality, or connecting to a third-party provider/service, we’re all about being accommodating. Once we learn more about your needs and spell out the scope, we will provide a firm quote for all work.

Once we learn about your unique needs, we can provide a custom value proposition.

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Pricing Highlights

We designed our pricing to reflect our company’s core values; to that end, here are some key areas that help distinguish us from other providers.

No Overages!

Your Flat-fee is good regardless if you go over your tier cap. Pricing changes won’t happen until the following year.

Your Money Is Yours

All transactions are processed by a payment gateway you own so all revenue goes right into your bank account.

No Fees On Donations

UpStage’s fees are applied only to earned income such as ticket sales, memberships, registrations, etc. and never donations.

Unlimited Patron Users

Patron user accounts are unlimited so you never need to worry about being financially penalized for growing your lists 🙌

Gradual Price Tiers

Each pricing tier is separated by $50k and the difference in cost less than one percent. This makes budgeting a snap.

Optional Per Transaction Pricing

Only pay for completed transactions. Never pay a fee during stretches of time with no earned income revenue generation.

No Required Multi-Year Agreements!

Can we get something off our chest?

We really dislike it when providers force users into multi-year agreements. The only side that benefits in this arrangement is the one doing the selling. UpStage views this as a predatory pricing practice and as a result, we work on an annual license fee model that runs from September 1 through Aug 31 for all users. One year at a time. That’s it.

If, at any time during your annual term, you’re so happy with the service and want a multi-year agreement, we’ll be happy to provide a special discount to reward your trust.

Third Party Provider Fees

Don’t you hate it when providers add their own costs on top of fees from third party providers? We certainly do. As a result, your organization will set up accounts with the following providers, who will invoice directly for their services so there’s never any worry about piggy-back fees.

Payment Gateway

We recommend using Stripe for payment processing. They offer nonprofit discounts and users with large payment volumes may qualify for additional discounts. Their pricing is simple and only applied to successful transactions. All costs related to integrating Stripe are included and if you prefer using a different payment gateway provider, we’re happy to accommodate and can provide a quote for that customization. Learn more about payment processing.


UpStage syncs with MailChimp, which serves as our recommended email marketing provider. They offer several pricing plans to meet a variety of needs and UpStage uses their transactional email service to generate all of your automated messages. MailChimp offers nonprofit discounts and most users won’t need more than the first few tiers of transactional email plans. Users are welcome to use a different provider and we can provide a quote for that customization. Learn more about marketing features.

Hardware Costs

Users that plan on redeeming tickets or processing credit cards in a point-of-sale environment will want to budget for related hardware expenses.

Credit Card Terminals

We recommend purchasing a credit card terminal directly from any of the options offered by Stripe, which regularly updates their list of recommended readers. We’re happy to accommodate devices outside of Stripe’s recommendations and can provide a quote for that customization.

Mobile Device Ticket Scanners

UpStage maintains a list of mobile devices we recommend using with our Ticket Scanning app. Android and IOS devices are available to fit every budget and in addition to any hardware cost, UpStage charges a $75/year fee for each device that connects to the Ticket Scanning app.

Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet Devices

You can access all of UpStage’s apps using a current model device capable of running the latest versions of Windows, Mac, or Android OS. We recommend using a desktop or laptop device to access the CRM app while Wi-Fi enabled tablets with cameras are ideal for the Box Office and Ticket Scanning apps.

Ticket Printers

By default, UpStage connects to standard letter-size printers. For high volume in-person sales environments, we recommend purchasing a dedicated receipt printer, but we can also connect to a good ‘ol BOSCA printer if desired. Once we know which devices you want to consider, we can provide a quote for that customization.