Consider A Project Evaluation

For most organizations, a paid project evaluation puts you in the best position to receive accurate project costs and facilitates stronger client/provider relationships.

What Is A Project Evaluation And Why Is It Valuable?

An evaluation helps avoid any guessing games by breaking down the project in detail and using that to pricing is crystal clear. It acts as a safety net against unexpected costs that can pop up when the project expands, we call it “scope creep,” which is when you discover cool new features during development. This assessment also gives you a solid reference point to track the project's success.

It isn’t unusual for a process like this to occur after you select a provider but frankly, that’s not in your best interest because you have no real influence to make changes once you've signed an agreement.

Advantages of a Project Evaluation

Enhances the accuracy of project cost estimates.

Replaces “scope anxiety” with confidence.

Promotes stronger client-provider relationships

RFP or Project Evaluation?

To start off the Project Evaluation, we'll dig into your existing website and CRM/ticketing provider data (with a non-disclosure agreement, of course). We'll also set up some casual conversations with you to discuss what changes you're itching to make in your current setup and what's working well for you. Following that, we'll craft a comprehensive plan outlining the work we suggest, presenting various options and the associated costs to steer you towards reaching your goals.

How Much Does A Project Evaluation Cost?

We charge a flat fee for any evaluation; following the evaluation report and recommendations, if you decide to move forward and become an UpStage user, we apply 100 percent of the evaluation’s cost toward your first year’s annual fee. Think of your evaluation as non-refundable deposit that provides better understanding and cost control measures.

Prices range from $2,000 – $5,000 and are determined by the following factors:

  • Including your website in the analysis.
  • If there are any third party providers the system needs to connect with.
  • The number of current providers and the amount of historical data to review.

Is A Project Evaluation Right For You?

There’s only one way to find you: get in touch and let’s chat about it. Feel free to give our Chicago office a call at 312-465-2895, or send us a message.