Digital Ticketing

Scan. Redeem. Enjoy. As a digital first ticketing platform, we’ve designed a simple experience for patrons from all demographics to manage and use their tickets however works best for them.

Everything is accessible in their app or they can print from home or use the version sent via email. If needed, we can connect your BOCA or receipt printer.

Give Patrons What They Expect

Digital Ticketing

While UpStage is designed as a powerful digital ticketing platform, that doesn't mean we're digital-only.

By default, we provide an option for admins to print all receipts and tickets to any standard letter size printer and if want to use a dedicated receipt or BOCA printer, we can create those via custom programming to function as a custom print option.

Let's Get Some Ink

Print Options

Admins have the option of printing receipts from the Box Office checkout dashboard using the default letter size version or a custom output for something like a BOCA printer.

  • Custom print options are custom programming which means you get the maximum amount of control over the information included and how it's designed.

Patron Control

Print At Home Options

Along with being able to resend their ticket email, ticket buyers can print their tickets from email or right from their Tickets screen