Modern tools to plan, execute, and track anything from single campaigns to complex fundraising goals.

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User Friendly Campaign Management

Design campaigns quickly with a user experience fundraising professionals will love. Designed especially for nonprofit performing arts organizations, experienced and new fundraisers can hit the ground running with ease. Achieve a comprehensive overview with intuitive dashboarding that tracks key fundraising performance metrics and makes it easy to drill down into the additional details you want.

Campaign Tracking

Each campaign includes a powerful dashboard that provides real-time revenue performance along with linked product and order activity so you can follow and track how donors respond.

Funds & Programs

Funds help allocate and track revenue at the highest allocation level while programs allow donors to support specific components of your mission driven activity.

Custom Report Tags

Create your own tags to use when generating custom reports. Group tags together and run reports to see how specific areas of your fundraising efforts are performing.

Single And Recurring Giving

UpStage provides unrivaled functionality for creating a wealth of recurring giving options. Donors can choose recurring intervals that work best for them instead of being forced into obligatory monthly or weekly giving frequency.

Want to give an every other week donation? Donors can set their frequency to every 2nd week. Want to give quarterly? They can set the frequency to every 3rd month. You’ll be hard pressed to find a system that provides as much flexible recurring billing options as UpStage.


Create predefined giving options or let donors choose the amount (per your defined minimum gift amount)

Secure Management

UpStage leverages the full range of security protocols from Stripe. Their platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens and keep payments safe.

Instant Online Giving

UpStage excels at creating single page donation forms where patrons can get go from page landing to confirmed charge in less than one minute!

Page & Component Builder

UpStage’s simple, customizable donation form and page builder is a genuine treat to use.

Create an array of dedicated donation pages that can include as much or as little options as you need. We offer a unique page builder wizard that walks you through each option to help you create the perfect donation page.

Once a page is published, you can put data driven decision making into high gear by editing layouts and component options based on what your metrics are telling you.

You’ll never need to worry about leaving money on the table because your donation forms don’t offer the flexibility you need.

Built For The Future

Why limit donors to using a handful of credit card options? Benefit from the full range of Stripe payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Our goal is to help you create a faster way to take donations with the great number of payment options.

Creative Components

UpStage makes it easy to inject donation components at high value points of contact like the checkout and virtual event streaming pages. You’ll enjoy an amazing array of default features like a cart-based round-up toggle.

Donor Cultivation

UpStage helps you at every stage of the contribution process. Manage sophisticated donor cultivation and fundraising efforts with built-in prospect and activity tracking.

Intuitive dashboards provide both overview and detailed views of ­individual donor efforts, grant management, and pledge tracking.

You’ll use these tools to cultivate lifelong relationships regardless of attrition and raise more money.

Grant Management

Whether you use in-house or outsourced grant writers, you’ll have an easy time tracking progress at every stage of the application process. Process grant revenue on its own or connect to campaigns or programs.

Pledge Tracking

Assign pledges to campaigns or programs and see that projected revenue appear in the campaign dashboard. Maintain detailed notes, attribution records, and expected delivery dates.