Use Cases

We know that each and every one of our users will be different and unique. That’s why we created UpStage to be flexible to your needs. We’ve highlighted some examples illustrating how UpStage can benefit such a diverse collection of Arts & Culture organizations.

We’re More Than Just Code Geeks

We’re experts in the field of arts and culture management so support channels go way beyond basic tech questions.

You don’t have to waste time explaining to someone who doesn’t know ballet from Brahms why you need something to work the way you do. Since the launch of our web development division in 2010, our support reputation is second to none so you can spend less time asking “how do I fix this” and more time asking “what’s the best way I can make this idea work?”.

Performing Arts Centers

UpStage can help you balance self-produced and promoted events, manage rental events, and grow your database.


UpStage is uniquely qualified to handle high-occurrence events where pricing and availability fluctuates from one performance to the next.


Break free of old limitations that have limited growth and meaningful engagement with patrons. Let UpStage help you surpass expectations.


More than ever, the opera sector needs a Ticketing CRM that doesn’t lock them into doing things the way they have been for the past 20 years. UpStage is uniquely suited to support a fresh perspective.


As one of the fastest growing sectors in the arts and culture industry, UpStage is uniquely suited to help you deliver a superior patron experience than groups 10x your budget.


UpStage's pricing model benefits groups like festivals where ticket revenue is concentrated during a limited number of months while processing a season length of patrons.

Museums & Gardens

Contemporary museum and garden organizations have broader needs than ever before. Don’t let an antiquated CRM prevent you from maximizing potential in a post-pandemic era.


With some of the greatest variety of events to manage, Multi-Constituent orgs need a Ticketing CRM that can handle everything without forcing you to use jerry-rigged solutions.

Presenting Organizations

Life moves fast for presenters, which don’t always have the luxury of planning an entire year in advance. UpStage is uniquely suited to help manage that fast paced data management environment.


Old school Ticketing CRMs aren’t designed to handle a sector as nimble as the club scene. You need a provider that can turn on a dime to facilitate the range of ideas you roll out throughout the year.


One the newest and fastest growing sectors, experiences are at the cutting edge of patron engagement. You need a provider with a platform designed for tomorrow and not stuck in the past.