Internship Offer

Dear Joshua,

On behalf of UpStage Technologies, I am excited to extend an offer to you for an internship position within our software engineering department. This position is fully remote, all communication will take place using company Slack and Zoom accounts. The position is for a Software Engineer Internship.

This position is scheduled to begin any time from June 12 forward that is mutually agreeable. It will be a 12 week paid internship opportunity ending on the final day of the fourth 3-week sprint from your start date. The schedule for this position is 20 hours per week. This position will pay $25/hour. In this role, you will report directly to Daniel Moore and Nicholas Tran.

During your temporary employment with UpStage Technologies, you may have access to trade secrets and confidential or proprietary business information belonging to UpStage Technologies. By accepting this offer, you acknowledge that this information must remain confidential and agree to refrain from using it for your own purposes or disclosing it to anyone outside of UpStage Technologies.

Also, you agree that upon completion of your internship, you will promptly return any company-issued property and equipment along with information and documents belonging to the company. By accepting this offer, you acknowledge that you understand participation in this program is not an offer of employment, and successful completion of the program does not entitle you to an employment offer from UpStage Technologies.

This offer represents the full extent of the internship offer and supersedes any prior conversations about the position. Changes to this agreement may only be made in writing. If you have any questions about this offer, please contact Drew McManus at 312-465-2895 or We look forward to having you make UpStage Technologies a part of your early career and wish you a successful internship. Welcome to our team!

Drew McManus, CEO UpStage Technologies