UpStage Technologies Empowers Arts Organizations with Industry-First Public Patron Portal Demo

Chicago, IL – 6/17/2024 – UpStage CRM, a leading Ticketing CRM platform designed specifically for arts and culture arts organizations, is disrupting the B2B ticketing experience with the launch of a public demo for its patron portal app. This groundbreaking offering flips the script on traditional software demos, fostering unparalleled transparency by allowing you to experience your ticketing system firsthand from the patron's perspective.

Step into your patron's shoes.

With UpStage's public demo, you can witness exactly how your patrons will interact with your ticketing system. See how easy it is for them to purchase tickets, memberships, donations, and subscriptions – as a guest or registered user – within a secure demo environment. Build empathy for your patrons and identify any potential roadblocks they might encounter during the ticketing process.

Unparalleled Side-by-Side Comparison: Time Savings at Your Fingertips.

This public demo goes beyond mere observation. It empowers you to conduct a meaningful side-by-side comparison with your current ticketing system or other platforms you're considering. Time your transactions and experience firsthand the streamlined efficiency of UpStage. Witness how our intuitive interface minimizes clicks and streamlines the purchase process, saving you and your patrons valuable time and allowing you to recoup all of that lost revenue from an inadequate user experience.

A Complete Patron Journey: Explore Every Feature.

The UpStageCRM public demo isn't just a glimpse, it's a comprehensive exploration. Experience reserved and general admission event types, every ticket type (fixed, split revenue, and name your price), and ticket package (fixed, choose your own, and flex) your organization needs. Explore memberships, one-time and recurring donations, and even see how patrons can utilize vouchers and credits. In essence, you'll experience the full spectrum of UpStage's functionality from the end user's perspective.

Ditch the Guesswork, Embrace Transparency.

Visit and experience the UpStage difference. Stop wondering how your ticketing system functions for your patrons, see it for yourself. With the industry-first public patron portal demo, UpStageCRM empowers you to make informed decisions based on transparency and user experience.

About UpStageCRM:

UpStage Technologies is a cloud-based Ticketing CRM platform designed to streamline operations and enhance patron engagement for performing arts organizations of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and dedication to customer support, UpStage empowers arts organizations to thrive in today's competitive environment. – primary website – patron portal public demo