Click, Buy, Cry:

Why Bad UX Makes You Lose Patrons (and Revenue)

Brought to you by UpStage's CEO, Drew McManus

Your events are better than ever, but your website and ticketing process are stuck in the dark ages. As a result, patrons are getting lost in the digital maze, abandoning carts, and not purchasing tickets. You're losing revenue and it chips away at reaching your mission.

You need a ticketing system that provides patrons with experiences they are used to at #Amazon, #Apple, and #Google.

  • Mobile-First Performance: Responsive layout, optimized images, and thumb-friendly buttons for a smooth experience on any device, even during intermission breaks. If your ticketing provider isn’t mobile-first out of the box, you’re already behind. 📲
  • Seamless Digital Ticketing: Digital tickets should be made available via email at the time of purchase and 24/7 in a dedicated patron portal app. 🎟️
  • Intuitive Patron Portal: A patron’s digital tickets should be available in a clearly marked “My Tickets” navigation menu. Tickets for the most recent upcoming events should be available on their home page after logging in. 😊
  • Accommodate Patron Needs: Whether it's getting aisle seats for accessibility, being close to the stage, or ensuring your group sits together, finding the perfect reserved seat caters to your preferences. Your platform needs to satisfy those ticket buyer’s needs. 🥰
  • Useful Filters: go beyond providing filters that show accessible seating and obstructed views by identifying seats near exists and even restroom locations. You’ll increase new ticket buyer conversion and boost their buying confidence. 💺

In the end, a smooth, intuitive patron journey is the opening act to a successful season. By investing in good user experiences, you'll turn frustrated clickers into loyal patrons, and convert hesitant new buyers into repeat patrons.