Don't Assume, TEST:

Why New Ticket Buyers Hold the Key to Event Ticketing Success

Brought to you by UpStage's CEO, Drew McManus

We all know the feeling. You're hyped to snag tickets to an upcoming event, but then you hit the ticketing page and…Confusion. Frustration. Maybe even a cart abandonment tantrum. 🤬😢

Here's the harsh reality: most event ticketing processes are designed for experienced buyers, not newbies. We assume everyone knows the ins and outs of seating charts, pricing tiers, and that mysterious “handling fee.” But for new ticket buyers, it's a foreign land. ️

That's why testing your ticketing process with NEW buyers is like striking gold. 💛 They're the canary in the coal mine, exposing hidden pain points and opportunities familiarity bias causes us to miss otherwise.

Here's why testing with new buyers is a game-changer:

  • 👀Fresh Eyes: They see things you don't, highlighting confusing language, unclear steps, and UX roadblocks that might seem invisible to you.
  • 💬Unfiltered Feedback: They'll be brutally honest about their experience, good or bad. No sugarcoating, just the raw truth you need to hear.
  • 🔀Diverse Perspectives: You'll uncover needs and preferences you might not have considered, catering to a wider audience and boosting sales.

Now that you have the information, what’s next?

  • 📏One Size Fits None: The reality is most ticketing providers offer no ability to customize the seating chart ticketing experience, even if you have hard data pointing out pain points. 😢
  • ⚖️Compare And Contrast: UpStage obsesses over ticket buyers of all stripes (core, casual, newbies) to craft a platform that flexes to your needs. And if it doesn't? We'll custom-design your seating chart experience. No cookie-cutter crowds here, just happy ticket buyers.
  • 🏆Eye On The Prize: Remember, a smooth ticketing experience is like a warm welcome. It sets the tone for the entire event and makes new buyers feel valued and excited.