Tag, You're It!

Tag, You're It! How User Tags are the Secret Weapon of Box Office Heroes

Brought to you by UpStage's CEO, Drew McManus

For box office staff, every interaction is a chance to shine. But navigating a sea of patrons can be tricky, especially when remembering important details or identifying VIPs. This is where a Ticketing CRM with a properly designed user tag structure comes in, acting as secret superpowers for exceptional customer service.

Imagine this: a patron walks up to the box office. With user tags, any priority status is immediately available to help customize service. 

Tags can be generated based on buying habits, donation history, membership status, and assigned in any number as needed. They provide that added edge to greet patrons warmly, suggest relevant upcoming events, and personalize their experience in seconds.

But the magic of user tags goes far beyond individual interactions:

  • Targeted Communication: Quickly segment reports and sales data to create highly targeted email campaigns to patrons with specific interests.
  • Personalized Check-in: Ushers can quickly identify important patrons when scanning their tickets and personalize the experience.
  • VIP Treatment: Instantly identify high-value patrons and offer exclusive perks or priority service.
  • Trend Analysis: Track patron behavior and tailor offerings based on tag based filters when creating reports.
  • Targeted Welcome Gifts: Priority user tags pinpoint high-value patrons in seating charts. Leave personalized welcome gifts & handwritten notes for an unforgettable touch.

Properly designed user tags that easy to create and use are a win-win:

  • For Patrons: They feel valued and receive personalized experiences that keep them coming back.
  • For Box Office Staff: Increased efficiency, happier customers, and a sense of empowerment.
  • For the Organization: Stronger relationships, repeat business, and valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

So, next time you see a user tag, remember it's more than just a label. UpStage users can assign user tags individually or in bulk while High Priority Tags appear next to the patron’s name at every point of contact from finding the user record through scanning their ticket.

It's a key to unlocking deeper connections, smoother transactions, and an overall level of service that makes every patron feel like a star.