Why Guest Purchases Are The Key To A Thriving Season

Brought to you by UpStage’s CEO, Drew McManus

We recently heard about a group experiencing a staggering 60% drop in subscriber renewals due to a venue change. Their temporary primary venue offers an atmosphere so off-putting, it is driving core audience members away. ☠️

This scenario highlights two key challenges:

  • Venue Impact (Out of an Org’s Control): Even small changes can impact audience loyalty. Big changes can tank subscription revenue.
  • Friction in Single Ticket Sales (In an Org’s Control): Requiring registration creates a hurdle for curious new ticket buyers, leading to abandoned purchases.

Unfortunately, the organization’s ticketing platform makes things worse by not offering guest checkout. 🤯

Requiring registration to purchase single tickets only creates a hurdle for curious new ticket buyers. Facing this extra step of creating an account, these potential ticket buyers are far more likely to lose momentum and abandon their purchase altogether. 

While venue changes might be out of your control, your ticketing platform isn’t. Choosing one that prioritizes guest purchases is an investment in your organization’s future.

Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them. – Einstein. Experience the frictionless guest checkout you need before you get hammered with the unexpected.