Fine-Tuning The Checkout Sweet Spot

Why Registration for Certain Products Makes Sense

Brought to you by UpStage’s CEO, Drew McManus

Ticketing CRM admins often face a conundrum: balancing a smooth guest checkout experience with the benefits of user registration. 

One feature they should provide to help bridge this gap is allowing them to require registration for specific products while keeping guest checkout available for everything else. This targeted approach unlocks a range of advantages:

  • Unlocking Benefits for Registered Users: Some products offer perks like ticket vouchers, exclusive discounts, or early access. These can only be provided when the patron is signed into their account so requiring registration for these products ensures they can enjoy the benefits they’re purchasing.
  • Frictionless Guest Checkout: For products without login-dependent benefits, guest checkout remains an option. This keeps the buying process quick and convenient for occasional patrons.
  • Registration Boost: The need to unlock benefits for certain products can incentivize guest users to register for an account, expanding the CRM’s user base.

This approach empowers admins to create a flexible checkout experience. 

It caters to both registered users seeking to maximize benefits and casual buyers who prefer a swift purchase. In the end, this approach creates a mutually beneficial situation. Patrons enjoy a smoother experience, while the organization sees increased sales and valuable data collection.