Forget “Best Available Seats” And Help Your Patrons Choose with Confidence

Brought to you by UpStage's CEO, Drew McManus

For too long, event ticketing has been dominated by the “best available seats” approach, leaving patron’s feeling frustrated and unsure. This outdated method often prioritizes the seller's need to unload inventory over the new and infrequent ticket buyer’s desire for a personalized and satisfying experience.

But what if there was a better way? What if we could empower new ticket buyers to choose their own ideal event experience? 🤔

Introducing the “Help Me Choose” approach to ticket buying. Developed after months of user testing, this empathetic approach puts the patron back in control, allowing them to:

  • ✅Specify their preferences: From price range and seating section to accessibility needs and sightlines, patrons are guided through a process that clearly defines their desired experience.
  • 🎯Exact and Partial match results:The system groups results based on all seats that match criteria exactly and those with partial matches.
  • 💺“Buy now” and “See On Map” actions: Patrons can purchase tickets directly from the results page or opt to see all matched seats from the seating map view.

This shift from “best available” to “Help Me Choose” offers several significant benefits:

  • 😁Increased patron satisfaction: Empowering patrons to choose their own seats leads to a more personalized and enjoyable experience, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • 💰Improved conversion rates: By removing the guesswork from the purchase process, ticket buyers are more likely to commit to a purchase, boosting sales and revenue.
  • 💪Reduced buyer's remorse: With greater transparency and control, patrons are less likely to feel regret after purchasing their tickets, minimizing refund requests and chargebacks.
  • ✨Enhanced brand image: By prioritizing patron needs and offering a user-friendly buying experience, performing arts organizations cultivate a positive brand reputation and attract new audiences.

UpStage’s “Help Me Choose” approach isn’t a hook, it's the future of event ticketing. By embracing this innovative method, you can empower your patrons, optimize your sales, and create a patron relationship built on trust.

Ready to learn more about how “Help Me Choose” can revolutionize your ticketing strategy?