Beyond the Buy Button:

How Post-Purchase UX Builds Loyalty (and Repeat Business)

Brought to you by UpStage's CEO, Drew McManus

We've all been there: you click “purchase,” your credit card successfully gets charged, and then… crickets.  

The success message is plain, the order confirmation email takes its sweet time, and order/ticket info in your account feels like a black hole. In today's ecommerce landscape, a seamless checkout process is just the table stakes.  It's the post-purchase experience that truly separates the good from the great, and the great from the loyal.

Why Post-Purchase UX Matters

Think of the purchase journey as a long road trip. Reaching the checkout is like arriving at a scenic rest stop, but the real adventure, and the memories that bring patrons back, happen on the miles that follow. A positive post-purchase experience is like a well-paved road, dotted with clear signage, helpful pit stops, and maybe even some roadside fireworks.

It's the journey that turns a one-time ticket buyer into a loyal travel companion, eager to hit the road with you again.

Building Loyalty Through Effective UX:

  • Transaction notifications that include an emotional spark: A little UI magic can go a long way in creating a post-purchase experience that resonates with your patrons and fuels their brand loyalty. Let the confetti fly – just like what you see in the video! 
  • 決eaningful and immediate messages: email confirmations should be immediate and patrons should receive two emails: one with the transaction details and one with just date, time, venue name and address, along with the digital ticket they can print and bring with them.
  • Boosting attendance with well-timed reminders: A gentle reminder the morning of an event in the form of a new ticket email delivers exactly what the patron needs when they need it. It should include all the information from the original ticket email plus reminders about logging into their patron portal for more options.Most importantly, it should be automatic and not require box office staff time to generate.
  • 淳verything, everywhere its needed. Emails are critical but you should also have the ability to send text message reminders and provide everything a patron needs in their personalized patron portal. Accessing all of the information digitally along with the ability to download or print copies of the order receipts and tickets builds confidence and makes patrons feel special.

Investing in a positive post-purchase experience isn't just about keeping patrons happy, it's about building long-term relationships. By providing clear communication, helpful support, and those extra personalized touches, you're transforming your patrons into brand ambassadors, eager to share their positive experiences and sing your praises to the world. So, ditch the post-purchase crickets and embark on a journey of loyalty-building UX. Your patrons (and revenue goals) will thank you for it.

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