Emotional Intelligence

How A Little Celebration Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Brought to you by UpStage's CEO, Drew McManus

A little UI magic can go a long way in creating a post-purchase experience that resonates with your patrons and fuels their brand loyalty. 

That's the power of emotional intelligence (EQ) in customer service.  A seemingly small gesture, like the confetti boom at the end of a transactions, goes beyond just being fun. It taps into a powerful psychological principle: confidence.

In the end, a smooth, intuitive patron journey is the opening act to a successful season. By investing in good user experiences, you'll turn frustrated clickers into loyal patrons, and convert hesitant new buyers into repeat patrons. 

  • Social Proof: The confetti, even if playful, mimics a celebratory atmosphere. It subtly suggests they’ve made a smart decision, similar to a party where everyone's having a good time. 👍
  • Positive Reinforcement: The visual impact confirms your purchase. It's like a virtual high five, solidifying the patron’s choice and making them feel good about it. 🙌
  • Memorable Moment: A touch of theatrics creates a unique memory of your purchase. Patrons are more likely associate that positive feeling with your brand, increasing the chance they’ll return. 🥰

The checkout confetti boom is something organizations and turn on/off as desired with a single click in their settings dashboard. It provides a way to build confidence in the decision and fosters stronger patron connections.

Experience it firsthand at UpStage’s industry-first public patron portal demo or schedule a demo of the full system.