The Mobile Maze:

Why Your Website Needs to be a Pocket-Sized Paradise

Brought to you by UpStage's CEO, Drew McManus

You did it! You took the plunge and purchased tickets to an upcoming event at your local performing arts organization. You conquered the online battle of the bots and secured your spot at the event of the year.

✊Fist pump? Sure. 🕺Victory dance? You bet. But then… reality sets in. You open the event app and instead of getting a pocket portal to paradise, you’re met with a pixelated punch in the gut.

Suddenly, you're virtual Indiana Jones, dodging booby traps of bad design:

  • 🐌Loading times that rival the glacial pace of continental drift, testing your patience and internet connection to their limits.
  • 😵‍💫Ticket management that's more labyrinthine than the Minotaur's maze, leaving you questioning whether you even have tickets at all.
  • 📱Graphics that wouldn't pass muster in a 90s screensaver.

Suddenly, the thrill of anticipation is replaced by the bitter sting of betrayal. Why, oh why, does using an event app from performing arts organizations often feel like navigating a mobile maze of madness after you've already bought a ticket?

Every frustrating click is like a booby trap chipping away at the potential for a truly epic experience that brings ticket buyers back for more. They might escape the maze this time, but will they risk another bad experience next year? Probably not..

Solutions for a Smooth Experience

  • 🎟️Instant Access: Provide quick and easy access to upcoming events and ticket purchases right from the home screen. Spoiler: if they can’t pull up the digital ticket right after logging in, you’re the one demanding they throw you the idol before you’ll give them the whip.
  • 😢No Download Drama: Skip the app store detour and provide a user-friendly web app accessible directly through any browser on any device. This eliminates the need for downloads and updates, providing seamless access for even the most tech-averse adventurer.
  • 👍Thumb-Friendly Navigation: Design buttons and links for easy tapping, with generous spacing to avoid accidental clicks. If you perform most tasks with a single thumb, it’s too difficult.

The Takeaway

In today's live event landscape, neglecting your mobile website is like building a brick wall around your business but that’s exactly what most Ticketing CRMs expect performing arts organizations to accept.

Expect better. Embrace providers that understand mobile-first UX, prioritize speed and convenience, and make ticket purchasing a seamless, one-click experience from the heart of your app. Maximize recurring revenue as excited ticket buyers stay connected thanks to your pocket-sized paradise!

 Want to make your website a mobile masterpiece? Let's schedule an UpStage demo so you can experience everything firsthand.