Blanket Or Blindfold:

Why Outdated Software Platforms Are Holding You Back

Brought to you by UpStage’s CEO, Drew McManus

It’s easy to understand why arts and culture orgs feel comfortable considering the same small group of ticketing CRM platforms. It feels familiar, you can ask opinions from colleagues, and legacy systems seem safe and comfortable.

But here’s the thing: while you may think that comfort is a blanket, it’s really a blindfold.

The False Comfort of Familiarity

  • Comfort can become complacency: Outdated systems lack the features and flexibility needed to keep pace with evolving audience expectations. You’re missing out on targeted marketing, seamless subscription management, and personalized touchpoints that build loyalty.
  • Predictable can become stagnant: Technology advances quickly, and clinging to outdated systems means missing out on the latest tools and innovations that could revolutionize your operations. Imagine streamlining your box office, enhancing data analysis, or offering cutting-edge ticketing options – all within reach with modern solutions.
  • Stifle innovation: Outdated platforms stifle progress, leaving you behind competitors embracing cutting-edge solutions.

Investing in the Future

  • Streamlined Workflows: Automation and intuitive interfaces free up staff for building patron connections and analyzing data.
  • Enhanced Patron Experience: Personalization, flexible digital ticketing first options, and user-friendly experiences cultivate a loyal patron base.
  • Data Security Confidence: Modern platforms prioritize data protection, giving you peace of mind and building trust.
  • Future-Proofed Innovation: Access to the latest features and data insights empowers you to adapt and thrive in a changing landscape.

Don’t let the comfort of the old blind you to the warmth of the new. A modern CRM is an investment in your future, not a scary leap into the unknown. It’s time to ditch the chills and embrace the sunshine of innovation.